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We plan, install and build perfect electrical installation solutions for industrial and commercial customers. In doing so, we rely on one of the leading bus systems in building technology, the so-called KNX standard.

What is a bus system?

Bus systems such as KNX are intelligent building technology solutions at the highest level.

Using a bus system your operating / energy costs are reduced to a minimum and maximum comfort and safety standards are achieved.

Welcome to the future!

The key to maximum technical comfort in buildings lies in perfectly thought-out planning right from the start. For example, so-called sensors and actuators are used which are networked with each other.

Motion detectors for instance can control light switches and communicate with the room thermostat controller. This reduces energy costs to a minimum and a high level of efficiency can be achieved.

We plan building technology right from the start in order to provide your company and your employees the best possible building comfort in all electrotechnical matters. Ideal conditions help to optimize work processes to a maximum degree.

Each solution is of course individually designed for your needs and created by us in close cooperation with you. Level measurements / displays, wind and sun sensors for blind controls, room climate and temperature controls or automatic adjustments of the room brightness to the incidence of daylight – all that can be controlled centrally and be switched on and off by the user via displays or smartphones.

Following our motto: “Stagnation is regression“, we always rely on the latest technologies and the highest standards currently available on the market.

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